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The man from Hmmbridge

Game description: The man from Hmmbridge:

The man from Hmmbridge – help a young secretary find the lost principal of the university. Travel together with a hero across faraway corners of the planet. In this Android game you are going to carry an investigation of a mysterious disappearance of a professor. Go together with a brave hero to thick jungles, visit tropical islands and other exotic locations. Find hints which will take you to the track of a principal. Use various objects to complete tasks. Meet interesting characters. Outwit spies and weapon traders.



Game description: Genesis:

Genesis – take the hero across different rooms of a huge prison. Destroy enemies you meet on the way with the help of various fire weapons. The main hero of this Android game woke up in prison. He wants to set free but hordes of enemies attacking from all the sides make the situation harder. Be attentive and don’t let enemies come close. Move the hero across the level and shoot accurately from your gun, machinegun and other weapons. Save coins and buy medicine kits, upgrades for weapons and other useful objects.


Evilnessa: The cursed place

Game description: Evilnessa: The cursed place:

Evilnessa: The cursed place – try to escape from the cursed place, find keys and other objects. Run away from a revengeful ghost and try to survive. Demonstrate your creative thinking, trust your intuition and logic, find the way out of hopeless situation in this Android game. Evilnessa chases you and you must remove the curse to remain alive. Explore abandoned buildings, dungeons and other gloomy locations looking for clues and useful objects which will help you reveal scary secrets, defeat ghosts and become free.


Bike rivals

Game description: Bike rivals:

Bike rivals – participate in dynamic and deadly competitions on powerful motorcycles. Help your brave hero beat the most difficult tracks. Control a crazy biker in this Android game. Try to escape the dangerous traps and avoid death, rushing on the heels of every participant. Avoid rockfalls and rolling stones. Jump over lava flows and water obstacles. Fly up into the air with the help of amazing springboards. Do various tricks like flips, riding on the rear wheel, and so on.


Booty quest: Pirate match 3

Game description: Booty quest: Pirate match 3:

Booty quest: Pirate match 3 – match sparkling gems making lines of 3 and more identical stones. Get prizes and bonuses. start treasure hunting together with Piper and other merry pirates in this Android game. Demonstrate your observation skills and logic, make long lines of gems. Start chain reactions, use powerful boosters and set records. Upgrade your pirate ship and cross waters of the southern seas. Compete with players from all over the world and become the best pirate!