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Train shooting: Zombie war

Game description: Train shooting: Zombie war:

Train shooting: Zombie war – take a train through dangerous lands with hordes of zombies walking around. Destroy zombies with the help of powerful weapons. Start a railway trip across the post apocalypse world of this Android game. Numerous zombies will attack your train. Luckily, there is a powerful turret on the roof of the train. Control speed of train movement, direct automatic cannon at enemies and shoot. Kill zombies approaching the train and try not to let them get on the train roof.


Raft survival 3

Game description: Raft survival 3:

Raft survival 3 – survive on the raft floating across an endless ocean. Fish to get food. Gather resources and materials floating in the sea. Test your survival skills in this Android game. You appeared faraway from the nearest cost. Build a raft and enlarge it. Use a hook with a rope to catch wooden boards and other useful objects out of water in order to upgrade your raft. Catch fish and fry it over the fire. Fight against hungry sharks with the help of a spear or other weapons. Grow a tree and other plants on the raft.


N.O.V.A. Legacy

Game description: N.O.V.A. Legacy:

N.O.V.A. Legacy – help the hero cope with alien invaders. Take him through the battles in faraway colonies, in spaceships and stations. Kal Wardin, the main hero of this Android game, is going to face a threat from space again. He must stop the invasion of aliens who attack one of the colonies and also find out the reasons of the conflict. Take the hero across internal premises of the base and across the planet surface. Get all advantages of a mobile armored suit and fantasy weapons. Upgrade munitions and buy powerful weapons.


Apple shooter 3

Game description: Apple shooter 3:

Apple shooter 3 – draw a bow and shoot arrows at the target. Aim at red apples, try not to miss and don’t hit people and other friendly objects. Show your excellent bow skills in this game for Android. Carefully take aim before releasing the bowstring. As a rule, apples are held by big guys, don’t hurt anyone. With each new level you’ll get more complex tasks. Shoot not only stationary, but also moving apples.


Deer Hunter Reloaded

Game description: Deer Hunter Reloaded: