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CATS: Crash arena turbo stars

Game description: CATS: Crash arena turbo stars:

CATS: Crash arena turbo stars – craft a unique fighting robot, use different details. Control a combat machine in the arena battles. Demonstrate your talent of a constructor to the whole world in this Android game. Create a unique combat machine for a fearless street cat. Equip your car with cannons, missiles, rams, circular saws and other unique weapons. Don’t forget about safe armor which will increase your chances to defeat other players in the battles. Look through the best battles and improve your tactics.


Deep fortress

Game description: Deep fortress:

Deep fortress – take a funny hero across the dangerous levels of the old fortress full of various monsters and deadly traps. Go to hunt treasures in this Android game. According to the legends, incredible treasures are kept somewhere deep in the old fortress. You are going to check the rumour and find gold. However, it won’t be easy, since there are winding corridors, water obstacles and other difficulties as well as various monsters such as giant spiders, shrimps and many others waiting for your hero on the way.


Frontgate fighters jump

Game description: Frontgate fighters jump:

Frontgate fighters jump – help a regular guardian, who is between two furious fighters, fighting one against another, survive. Demonstrate excellent reflexes and speed of your fingers in this dynamic Android game. Great fighters take part in the death fight. They apply incredible martial arts maneuvers, unusual weapons and magic. A regular guardian is in the firing line. His only aim is to survive. He will need your help in this. Make the hero jump and perform stunts in time in order to dodge attacks.


Chef story

Game description: Chef story:

Chef story – sort various desserts and other dishes filling the screen. Create rows of 3 and more same desserts to get rewards. Help a chef who is the protagonist of this Android game find new recipes and make culinary masterpieces for your clients. Swap cakes, cupcakes, and other foods. Try to match as much same food as possible to get bonuses and do tasks using as little moves as possible. Buy different kitchen equipment and other useful objects.


Crazy dentist 2: Match 3 game

Game description: Crazy dentist 2: Match 3 game:

Crazy dentist 2: Match 3 game – match colorful candies and bacteria, make lines of 3 and more identical objects to clear the level. Try yourself as a dentist helping his patients in this Android game. Demonstrate observation skills and apply logic abilities to struggle against bacteria and cure teeth. Swap various objects and try to make maximum long lines of objects of the same color. Start chain reactions and apply power-ups to set records.