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Bunny golf

Game description: Bunny golf:

Bunny golf – help cute bunnies get into the holes. Swipe the screen to decide the trajectory of a bunny’s jump. Get prizes and rewards. Apply your golf playing skills to take bunnies home in this Android game. You will experience endless levels. On each of them you will find a bunny and a hole. Aim, calculate the best trajectory and make the bunny fly. Try not only throw a bunny into the hole but also collect carrots, coins and other bonuses on the way. Buy original flags and other upgrades.


Dash tag: Fun endless runner!

Game description: Dash tag: Fun endless runner!:

Dash tag: Fun endless runner! – take a cute kitten or other funny pet forward. Help him run quickly across beautiful levels. Prepare for a quick run in this Android game. Take the pet as far as possible and help him escape from the funny bear. Tap the screen in time so that your character jumps over obstacles, slides under the barriers, collects coins, etc. Visit the canyons, jungles, icy deserts and other corners of the planet. Discover new pets, buy suits and upgrades for them.


Bossy red ball 4

Game description: Bossy red ball 4:

Bossy red ball 4 – roll a red ball across various locations in which you will find many platforms, hills and other obstacles. Pick up stars on your way. Demonstrate your attentiveness and finger devolution overcoming various obstacles on the levels of this Android game. Roll the ball across different worlds. Jump onto the platforms. Jump over sharp sticks, bottomless abysses and other traps waiting for the hero on his way. Try not to miss a single star on each level. Unblock new levels.


Cutie paws: Oriplay match 3 game

Game description: Cutie paws: Oriplay match 3 game:

Cutie paws: Oriplay match 3 game – move cute pets across the playing field. Make lines of identical pets to remove them from the field and complete a task. Start a merry journey across incredible floating islands in this Android game. On each of the islands you will find new levels and tasks. Think over your moves and swap funny pets. Make the right combinations of pets to complete tasks. Apply useful power-ups which will help you complete levels fast and get 3 stars. Buy various upgrades.


Idle cooking tycoon: Tap chef

Game description: Idle cooking tycoon: Tap chef:

Idle cooking tycoon: Tap chef – run a bakery work, hire confectioners, study different recipes and implement new technologies. Build your own confectionary empire in this Android game. Start your way in the cooking business with opening a small bakery. Bake cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other sweets. Increase number of workers to produce more sweets. Create a research department to discover new recipes and advanced technologies. Develop a business strategy and seize the market!