Daily Archives: September 11, 2019

Tiny miners

Game description: Tiny miners:

Tiny miners – control a tiny miner and help him get unbelievable treasure from the ground. Take the brave hero deeper and deeper. In this Android game you can reveal all secrets of the underground world. Direct the movements of the miner who makes his way with the help of a pickaxe, a driller and other special equipment. Move the character from one side to another to pick precious stones, ore and other treasures. Help the hero overcome obstacles and avoid deadly traps. Craft various outfit.


Pokemon: Magikarp jump

Game description: Pokemon: Magikarp jump:

Pokemon: Magikarp jump – catch Magikarp and train him. Increase pokemon’s characteristics and win jump contest. Become a beginning pokemon trainer in this exciting Android game. Listen to the advice of master, cast a line and catch your first pokemon from the river. Magikarp got your hook and he is known as the weakest pokemon. But don’t be sad and prove that this opinion isn’t right. In spite of the fact that the karp doesn’t have strong skills, he is able to jump really high!


Marble: Woka Woka 2018

Game description: Marble: Woka Woka 2018:

Marble: Woka Woka 2018 – help a cute turtle blast colorful balls. Shoot colorful balls in such a way that you can make groups of not less than 3 same colored balls. Start a way across the bright locations of this Android game. On each of the levels you will find a moving snake of colorful balls and a turtle in the center of the playing field. The turtle can shoot magic balls. You must select the direction of each shot in such a way that you can blast maximum balls. Balls having unique abilities and other bonuses will help you set records.


Touchdown hero: New season

Game description: Touchdown hero: New season:

Touchdown hero: New season – take part in dynamic American football matches. Control a football player running along the field with a ball. Help him get the ball to touchdown zone.


Stickman backflip killer 5

Game description: Stickman backflip killer 5:

Stickman backflip killer 5 – control a stickman hero on various levels where you are going to destroy strong opponents in order to survive and win. Get ready for the tensed battles and incredible stunts waiting for you in this Android game. Depending on the selected game mode you are going to destroy opponents with the help of various weapons or move to the flag demonstrating parkour skills. Perform jumps and other stunts, crush opponents and don’t let your hero die. Unlock new levels and weapons.