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Codycross: Crossword

Game description: Codycross: Crossword:

Codycross: Crossword – do crosswords on various topics. Help a cute alien learn maximum facts about our planet. Alien, the main hero of this Android game, shipwrecked on the Earth. Now he must learn as much as possible about our world. Start a journey together with the hero through space and time. Get new knowledge and answer the questions. Put the words into the crossword cells. Use clues and bonuses in hard situations. Unlock new worlds and new topics for crosswords.


IQ mission

Game description: IQ mission:

IQ mission – travel different countries of the world and solve various logic puzzles. Do tasks and collect fragments of a secret map. In this exciting game for Android you take on the role of a secret agent. Your task is to get the secret map that has locations of valuable resources. Your informants in different cities around the world have access to map fragments. To get these fragments you have to use your logic and wits to solve complex puzzles.


Badminton stars

Game description: Badminton stars:

Badminton stars – play badminton at the beach, in the city streets, on the stadiums and so on. Hard and accuratley apply your racket and defeat various opponents. Become the best badminton player in this exciting Android game. Just tap the screen in the right moment to make a sportsman hit the shuttlecock with his racket. Demonstrate legerity of your fingers and excellent reflexes, score points and win matches. Take part in numerous tournaments, defeat players from all over the world and reach the rating top. Buy clothes and items of outfit for the hero.


Bike unchained

Game description: Bike unchained:

Bike unchained – collect your own team of extreme racing cyclists and take part in dynamic competitions. Do the most difficult tricks. Choose your favorite athlete and guide it along difficult mountain tracks in this game for Android. Overclock your mountain bike to insane speed, soar into the air using ramps, do flips and many other mind-blowing stunts. Make a team from different cyclists, each with unique stats. Buy new bikes and other equipment. Become the best in the world!


The Bard’s Tale

Game description: The Bard’s Tale: