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Crab simulator 3D

Game description: Crab simulator 3D:

Crab simulator 3D – control a big crab on a deserted island. Take a crab hunting, chase your food and be ready to fight against enemies. Learn about all nuances of the life of crabs in this original Android game. Help the crab fish and catch other animals to provide himself with food. Make the crab fight against scorpions, spiders and other enemies. Level up your crab and improve his characteristics, master useful skills and turn your crab into the strongest predator on the island. Help the crab start his clan and have little crabs.


Jackals: Impossible clash mission

Game description: Jackals: Impossible clash mission:

Jackals: Impossible clash mission – take a fearless soldier through many battles against insidious opponents. Destroy enemies and free prisoners. Legendary commandos, the main hero of this Android game, must rescue soldiers who became prisoners. Help the hero cope with this important mission. Move the hero from one side to another to dodge enemy fire and avoid traps. Apply powerful weapons and abilities of the character to fight against the opponent. Free soldiers and they will join the hero till the end of the current mission.


Gunners battle city

Game description: Gunners battle city:

Gunners battle city – kill a variety of bandits, terrorists, and other enemies filling the city. Use powerful weapons. Take part in intense street battles against superior forces. In addition to enemy soldiers, you’ll fight armored personnel carriers, helicopters, and tanks. Use rocket launcher to fight helicopters and armored vehicles. Drive your own tank. Get more powerful weapons by spending money you earn during combat missions.


MMORPG Storm fantasy

Game description: MMORPG Storm fantasy:

MMORPG Storm fantasy – go to find adventures in a fantasy world. Fight against horrible monsters and other insidious enemies. In this Android game you will experience exciting battles and other interesting tasks. Team up with friends and fight against huge dungeon bosses guarding unbelievable treasures. Gather rich trophies and buy excellent weapons or other items of munitions. Participate in guild wars and try yourself on arena battles. Find new friend and even new love in the game.


Car crash simulator 2: Total destruction

Game description: Car crash simulator 2: Total destruction:

Car crash simulator 2: Total destruction – drive a powerful car along difficult tracks with a lot of obstacles. Test your car in a variety of emergency situations on the tracks of this game for Android. Step on the gas and drive at the max speed possible. Ram various obstacles in your way. Do incredible jumps form ramps. Speed through narrow tunnels. Try to complete a winding ring track without flying off the track. Show your driving skills!