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Rabbits inc.

Game description: Rabbits inc.:

Rabbits inc. – run a corporation of rabbits and take it to the world supremacy. Control rabbits, solve logic tasks, develop your corporation. Try yourself as a general director of a transnational corporation in this Android game. Rabbits can conquer the whole world thanks to your wise management! Hire rabbits of different professions. Make an efficient plan of development. Take care of your furry employees, don’t forget to feed them with dishes made of carrots in time and build cozy houses for the rabbits.


A Tiny Bird’s Journey

Game description: A Tiny Bird’s Journey:


Song Pop

Game description: Song Pop:


2048: Human evolution

Game description: 2048: Human evolution:

2048: Human evolution – move different living organisms across the playing field. Merge identical creatures to discover complicated forms of life. Feel the evolution pulsation on your finger tips in this Android game. Control life development with the help of your logic and observation skills. Cover a way from DNA spirals, bacteria and one-celled organisms to a human and even more developed creatures. Just combine pairs of identical creatures to get incredible beings. Explore the life tree and learn the secrets hiding in its branches!


The secret of the necromancer

Game description: The secret of the necromancer:

The secret of the necromancer – help the 3 friends escape from gloomy locations, run away from a sinister necromancer and return home safe and sound. The main heroes of this Android game will experience exciting and dangerous adventures. Friends got into a computer game at Halloween night. Sinister necromancer kidnapped children and you must rescue them. Walk across dark forests, gloomy caves and other mystic locations. Find clues, magic artifacts and useful objects which will help you cope with dark creatures and evil spirits.