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Earth core: Shattered elements

Game description: Earth core: Shattered elements:

Earth core: Shattered elements – card strategy in colorful design from Tequila Games studios. The game is based on a simple idea of three elements fighting, which allows you to not delay battles. The mechanics of the gameplay takes into account the dynamic risk changes. All the cards are divided into three categories – nature, fire, and water. If your card is beaten you take the damage same as card’s attack. So the more powerful your card is, more at risk you are.


Forest spirit: Tower defense

Game description: Forest spirit: Tower defense:

Forest spirit: Tower defense – defend the heart of the forest from the attack of the entire army of huge beetles eating everything on their way. Place magical trees and other plants on their way. The forest spirit dwells in a huge tree in the heart of the old forest. The aim of this game for Android is to defend the tree from hordes of bugs. You have magical plants that can shoot at enemies with spikes and damage them in other ways. Certain plants are most effective against certain types of enemies. Grow magical plants and destroy the invaders.


Blazing star

Game description: Blazing star:

Blazing star – fly a spaceship and destroy a variety of enemies on your way. Shoot from fantastic weapons. Protect our planet from the invasion of evil aliens in this game for Android. Get behind the wheel of a powerful fighter and battle superior forces of the enemy. Move your ship around the screen and avoid enemy fire. Destroy air and ground targets. Fight huge flying bosses. Unlock new spacecraft with unique parameters and designs.


Thunderbirds are go: Team rush

Game description: Thunderbirds are go: Team rush:

Thunderbirds are go: Team rush – help international rescue workers defend the planet from a mad villain. Do rescue missions in different parts of the world. In this game for Android you and a team of fearless heroes will disrupt plans of the villain. Choose your favorite hero and move forward through jungle, caves, city streets, and other locations. Tack on the highway dodging falling rocks and other hazards. Collect different bonuses, use awesome equipment to defeat bosses. Drive different vehicles.


Mecha vs zerg

Game description: Mecha vs zerg:

Mecha vs zerg – gather a strong squad of combat robots controlled by brave heroes. Fight against the squad of insidious aliens. Defend human race from the space threat in this Android game. Hire pilots having unique abilities and skills. Buy combat robots having various technical characteristics and specialization. Gather a squad of the best robots and pilots. Apply abilities of every robot on the battle field and defeat opponents. Fight against other players, attack enemy bases.