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Space treasure hunters 2

Game description: Space treasure hunters 2:

Space treasure hunters 2 – go to find the greatest treasure of the galaxy. Visit faraway worlds, examine ancient ruins, overcome obstacles. You and David Fox, a famous treasure hunter and the hero of this Android game, are going to travel across the galaxy. The Third galaxy war turned hundreds of worlds into ruins. In these ruins you can find artifacts of mysterious civilizations, energy crystals, precious stones and other valuable things. Follow the tracks of scientists. Be ready to meet pirates, monsters and competitors.


King of kungfu 2: Street clash

Game description: King of kungfu 2: Street clash:

King of kungfu 2: Street clash – control an eastern martial arts master during the battles against hordes of enemies. Complete stunts and apply unique abilities of the hero. Master different combat maneuvers, get an inner energy and take the hero of this Android game to victory. Travel across various locations. In each of them you will meet hundreds of opponents. Tap corresponding buttons and control character’s actions. Help the hero avoid enemy attacks and crush opponents with powerful hits or combo. Buy nunchucks and other weapons.


Trail of shadows: Origin

Game description: Trail of shadows: Origin:

Trail of shadows: Origin – try to escape to freedom from a strange place where you happened to get. Explore locations looking for clues and useful items. Rely on your observation skills and logic in this game for Android. Explore a variety of rooms in a mysterious building and surrounding area. Look around carefully, you may need the most insignificant item to complete the level. Pick locks and crack codes. Look for clues that will lead you to freedom.


Forever Lost Episode 2

Game description: Forever Lost Episode 2:


Zombie Attack Protocol

Game description: Zombie Attack Protocol: