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Break liner

Game description: Break liner:

Break liner – fly your plane as far as possible across the sky divided in two with a continuous line. Cross the line in the marked points. Start an endless journey across spaces in this Android game. Fly a little plane getting higher and higher. There is a line in the middle of the screen, it consists of black, red and white areas. Turn your plane and break white areas of the line in order to move to the other part of the screen. Don’t miss white areas and don’t crash against obstacles of other colors.


Hang line

Game description: Hang line:

Hang line – help a fearless climber conquer dangerous mountain peaks. Throw a hook with a rope, which will let the hero climb every time higher. Get ready for extreme ascents, waiting for the hero of this Android game. Direct the hook throws and try to catch a reliable object so as the climber can go up with the help of a rope. Throw the hook in time so as the hero doesn’t fall into the gap. Be attentive and avoid avalanches, stonefalls, evil mountain goats and other dangers. Discover new mountains in different corners of the planet.


Idle rocket: Aircraft evolution and space battle

Game description: Idle rocket: Aircraft evolution and space battle:

Idle rocket: Aircraft evolution and space battle – control flight of a rocket or other flying machine. Destroy colorful balls. Test your reflexes during the space journey in this Android game. Your task is to destroy balls scattered across the screen. The balls are multicolored, they have different strength indicated by numbers. The strength determines number of crashes needed to destroy a ball. Tap balls to direct a rocket into them. Get rewards, buy new rockets, jet planes, UFO and so on.


Knife attacks: Stickman battle

Game description: Knife attacks: Stickman battle:

Knife attacks: Stickman battle – dodge stickman attacks throwing sharp knives at your character. Apply various weapons. You will experience battles against hordes of enemies armed with knives in this Android game. You also have knives, axes, hammers and other cold weapons at your disposal and you can throw them into your opponents. Swipe the screen to choose the throw trajectory. Try to hit heads or other vulnerable points of enemy. Defend from enemy knives with the help of energy shields.


Hell Raider

Game description: Hell Raider: