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World of warriors: Quest

Game description: World of warriors: Quest:

World of warriors: Quest – command over a party of 3 strong warriors, each with unique battle skills and their own fighting style. Fight strong enemies. Save the world from the complete destruction in this absorbing game for Android. Guide your party through many locations of a huge world. Solve ancient mysteries hidden in dungeons, temples, and other mysterious places. Accept warriors, ninjas, gladiators, Aztecs, and others into your team. Control warriors in battle and use tactics to win.


Escape: World travel

Game description: Escape: World travel:

Escape: World travel – travel different countries and try to open all the locked doors to complete your way. Solve logic puzzles. Show your powers of observation and logic in this game for Android. Carefully inspect the room, phone booth, or other location where you can find yourself. Find all the hidden objects and use them to do tasks. Try to crack code locks or solve other logic puzzles. Complete levels and go to different countries to new adventures.


Tank invaders

Game description: Tank invaders:

Tank invaders – our cunning enemy is attacking our military bases as well as our allies all over the world. Destroy endless columns of their machinery. Control different armaments like rockets, magnet bombs and autocannons in this Android game. Destroy enemy tanks, armored vehicles and aviation. Don’t let the enemy get to your base and wipe them out on approach to it. Apart from usual combat machinery your enemy has huge armored beasts with extra durability and fire power. Turn them into smoldering piles of metal!


Willihard. Collector’s edition: Full hidden objects

Game description: Willihard. Collector’s edition: Full hidden objects:

Willihard. Collector’s edition: Full hidden objects – help the brave warrior find out secrets of the kingdom and find a way to defeat a dragon. Embark on a journey with the hero of this game for Android. Explore dungeons, medieval towns, castles, and other locations. Meet 12 characters, each with their own story. Look for different items to help you defeat the monsters, and complete other tasks. Solve logic puzzles. Play exciting mini-games, create a collection of unique items.

Dynasty legends

Game description: Dynasty legends:

Dynasty legends – get ready for endless battles against various opponents. Apply unique combat maneuvers of your character and crush enemies. This dynamic Android game will take you to the epoch of the Three Kingdoms. You can select one of legendary heroes of that time make him take part in the battles and experience adventures. Team up with your friends to get chances to win the battles against much more numerous enemies. Upgrade munitions and character’s parameters. Challenge players from all over the world, take part in the wars and arena battles.