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Farm life: Hay story

Game description: Farm life: Hay story:

Farm life: Hay story – manage a beautiful farm and develop it. Plant fields with vegetables and other agricultural things, breed domestic animals and so on. Plunge into the life of a regular farmer in this Android game. Take care of your own orchard. Create new fields. Increase cattle numbers. Gather the harvest and use it to produce different products. Go fishing and get a record fish harvesting. Sell your products, buy needed equipment and things to decorate your farm.


Tail bomb: Hardcore dodge action

Game description: Tail bomb: Hardcore dodge action:

Tail bomb: Hardcore dodge action – move a spaceship with tail of devastating bombs along the screen. Use these bombs to destroy enemies.


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Game description: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow:


Boat simulator 2017

Game description: Boat simulator 2017:

Boat simulator 2017 – rush in a fast motor boat across the bay waters and other picturesque locations. Take part in the race, avoid various dangers. In this dynamic Android game you can buy your own motor boat and test it completing various tasks. Take your boat across the waters of a big port avoiding crashes against ships and other objects. Moor in the specified place. Explore waters of various seas. Escape from huge sharks and don’t crash against an iceberg. Buy new boats having unique parameters.


Disney epic quest

Game description: Disney epic quest:

Disney epic quest – help famous heroes rescue Digital kingdoms from a computer virus. Gather an invincible team! In this merry and exciting Android game you will meet such popular characters as Mickey Mouse, Ralph, captain Jack Sparrow and many others. Each of them has unique abilities which he will need in the struggle against characters infected with a computer virus. Control heroes in dangerous missions. Enlarge your team. Team up with other players.