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Eternal fury 2: Fantasy strategy RPG

Game description: Eternal fury 2: Fantasy strategy RPG:

Eternal fury 2: Fantasy strategy RPG – gather your own army to struggle against demons, build a castle and rescue the world from destruction. Explore a fantasy world of this Android game. Hell gates are opened and demons flooded different locations. Rescue peaceful citizens and destroy demons. Enlarge your squad adding to it mercenaries having unique skills and weapons. Apply skills of different characters in the battles against monsters and bosses. Protect and upgrade a castle which will become your safe shelter and a useful base.


Dr. Panda farm

Game description: Dr. Panda farm:

Dr. Panda farm – run your own farm. Grow vegetables on the vegetable patches, fruits in the gardens, take care of domestic animals and complete other tasks. This merry Android game will surely come to liking of kids as well as adults. Learn all the secrets of farming completing exciting agricultural tasks. Grow wheat and make bread. Gather fruits and vegetables, take care of cows and chickens. Sell milk, honey and vegetables you grow on your farm. Buy various upgrades for your wonderful farm. Become a skilled farmer.


Crashlands: Alpha

Game description: Crashlands: Alpha:

Crashlands: Alpha – original mix of different genres and styles developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans. Players will need to collect a variety of materials for building a house, because it’s very difficult to survive in this dangerous world. But that’s not all of the gameplay. The planet is inhabited by strange creatures and you need either fight or capture them. You also need to keep an eye on the needs of our hero, or he may just die.


Brave cross

Game description: Brave cross:

Brave cross – defend your kingdom from the evil invaders. Create a team of powerful heroes and destroy the forces of evil in epic battles. Travel to different locations of the wonderful world of this game for Android. At every step you’ll fight the superior forces of the enemy or a boss. Use unique abilities of the members of your team and defeat all the enemies. Gain valuable experience and improve your characters by leveling them up, improving their stats, and learning new combat skills. Unite with friends to defeat bosses.


Empire defense 2

Game description: Empire defense 2: