Daily Archives: October 1, 2019

Rise of steel

Game description: Rise of steel:

Rise of steel – control a huge robot able to transform into a fast car. Rush along the city streets, fight against robots or people. Machines rose in this Android game. Robots flooded the city streets and attack people. Select your side in the conflict. Control a unique robot. Use rockets and other weapons to destroy various opponents. Ram and push cars. Get advantage of the car to move fast across the city districts. Use a mini map to find the way in location.


Five nights at Freddy’s: Sister location

Game description: Five nights at Freddy’s: Sister location:

Five nights at Freddy’s: Sister location – try to survive during 5 night shifts in the amusement park where scary animatronics are walking around. In this Android game you are going to play as a guard and engineer working at night at the amusement park. Explore dark locations completing various tasks. Use objects you find, control observation system, automatic doors and other mechanisms. Stay away from animatronics which hunt people at night. Outwit tricky robots and find out their plans.


Battlefield interstellar

Game description: Battlefield interstellar:

Battlefield interstellar – take part in a harsh way of the future fighting for the interstellar empire. Fight a variety of enemies in futuristic locations. In this Android game you are a sniper of an elite squad of the Imperial Army. You’ll carry out dangerous combat missions on different planets of the galaxy and participate in covert operations. Penetrate bases of insurgents and terrorists. Destroy enemies with your sniper rifle and other weapons. Build your own base and defend it from enemies. Create your squad of heroes.


Rage of the righteous

Game description: Rage of the righteous:

Rage of the righteous – control legendary heroes on the battle fields. Defeat numerous enemies with the help of combinations of combat skills. This exciting Android game will take you to the epoch of the Three Kingdoms and will give you meeting with popular heroes. Start a long journey looking for power. Be ready for the battles against endless hordes of enemies and strong bosses. Upgrade outfit. Find faithful allies who will always help you in the battles. Demonstrate your diplomatic abilities and become a recognized leader.


Zombie killer: Truck driving 3D

Game description: Zombie killer: Truck driving 3D:

Zombie killer: Truck driving 3D – become a part of a post apocalypse world driving a powerful off-road car. Overcome obstacles, kill bloodthirsty zombies. In this Android game you are going to cross deserts, drive along city streets and across abandoned airport as well as visit many other locations.Trampolines, hills, ring tracks, other obstacles and hordes of scary zombies are waiting for you on each location. Drive your armored car along a dangerous track, kill zombies, crash monsters under your wheels and destroy them with the help of your weapons.