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Game description: Deadroom:

Deadroom – guide the hero through a dangerous maze full of deadly traps and different obstacles. Find the key from the door without killing the hero. Try to keep the hero alive and guide him through all levels of this game for Android. It won’t be easy, one wrong move can lead to hero’s death. Think over your every step, or the hero won’t get to the end of the level. On the way you’ll see saws, blades, sharp spears, and other traps. Help the hero get to the next level avoiding enemies and hazards.


Ben 10: Alien run

Game description: Ben 10: Alien run:

Ben 10: Alien run – control Ben running along the city streets, across the forests, dungeons and other locations. Apply unique abilities of the hero to overcome obstacles. Ben Tennison, the main hero of this Android game and a popular animation, can turn into various aliens. Each Ben’s form has its strong and weak sides as well as unique skills. The boy will require those skills when running fast across various locations. Help the hero gather coins and bonuses. Unlock new aliens. Defeat enemies.


Birds isle

Game description: Birds isle:

Birds isle – match bird feathers, fruits and other colorful objects. Make lines of three and more identical objects. Go to a beautiful tropic island in this Android game. Parrots, tucans and other exotic birds live on the island. Make the island even more beautiful and convenient for life. Solve logic tasks on object matching. Think over moves, initiate chain reactions, use bonuses and get prizes. Unblock new kinds of birds. Buy various decorations for the island.


Blaze and the monster machines: A racing challenge

Game description: Blaze and the monster machines: A racing challenge:

Blaze and the monster machines: A racing challenge – drive a monster-truck along the hilly tracks. Perform breathtaking jumps and stunts. Take part in merry and exciting races on interesting tracks of this Android game. Speed up your car to maximum and cover the track at minimum time. Set a new record. Jump high from the trampolines, overcome dead loops and other hard areas of the track. Gather coins on the way, you will need them to unblock new cars and new levels.


Bomb bad crocs

Game description: Bomb bad crocs:

Bomb bad crocs – use bombs to free the playing field from many evil crocs. Explode crocks of drop them down into the pit using explosions. Defeat all the evil crocodiles in this Android game. Crocs occupied a small flat area with pits around it. The pit has different constructions from stone blocks. Touch the screen in the right place to place a bomb. Remember, that you have limited stock of bombs. Think and place bombs so as to destroy all stone structures and kick all the crocodiles from the platform.