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Halloween witch: Fruit puzzle

Game description: Halloween witch: Fruit puzzle:

Halloween witch: Fruit puzzle – match fruits, magic ingredients and other objects. Make lines of 3 and more identical objects to get a reward. Plunge into a magic atmosphere of Halloween in this Android game. Gather Halloween pumpkins to fulfil tasks and complete levels. Try to use minimum moves. For this you need to make maximum long lines from identical objects. Apply magic bonuses such as a magic wand and a flying broom. Set records and get prizes.


Tasty tale 2

Game description: Tasty tale 2:

Tasty tale 2 – swap fruits and sweets, make lines from three and more identical treats and get nice prizes. The main heroine of this Android game, Ms. Tasty, returned to her home town after the graduation from a cooking school. Now she wants to demonstrate her cooking talent and please citizens with tasty dishes. Help the girl match various ingredients for cooking tasty dishes. Complete tasks, buy kitchen equipment and utensils, open restaurants.


Fork fight

Game description: Fork fight:

Fork fight – flip forks, knives, swords and other sharp objects at a round target turning in the upper part of the playing field. Demonstrate your accuracy and good reflexes on the levels of this Android game. On each of the levels you will find a new target to hit with throwing objects. Just touch the screen to flip a knife or other weapons. Choose the right moment for each flip since you must not hit other weapons in the target. Gather your own collection of cold weapons.


Kiwi jam

Game description: Kiwi jam:

Kiwi jam – take a funny warrior along numerous levels full of hordes of funny enemies. Destroy your opponents with the help of strange weapons. Rescue a wonderful world of this Android game from enemy hordes. Help a brave character bring back treasures taken by enemies and defeat the main villains. Destroy enemies standing on the hero’s way with one move of your finger. Take the hero across wild lands and streets of big cities. Get different power-ups, weapons and munitions units in the battles. Be ready to fight huge bosses.


Gingerbread Run

Game description: Gingerbread Run: