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Magic siege: Defender

Game description: Magic siege: Defender:

Magic siege: Defender – defend a magic castle from endless enemy hordes. Apply all power of your magic to monsters! Feel what it’s like to be a great magician in this Android game. Rule elements and destroy enemies with the help of destructive spells. Don’t let monsters approach the walls of your castle. Place traps on the enemy way. Throw fire balls and lightnings at monsters. Upgrade your spells and raise your magic power. Use potions and artifacts in hard situations.


Dig a way

Game description: Dig a way:

Dig a way – help a fearless gold digger get treasure hidden in the depths of the earth. Move the hero through levels and dig. Think over your each step in this game for Android. The hero can move sideways and down, but can’t go up. Use a shovel and dig destroying blocks of ground. Remember that it’s impossible to destroy stone and some other types of blocks. Go around insurmountable obstacles and don’t let the hero fall into traps. Don’t miss a single gold nugget or a precious stone.


Wild fishing simulator

Game description: Wild fishing simulator:

Wild fishing simulator – go fishing and catch various fishes in picturesque waters. Get fish out of water in order to sell your catch. Become an experienced fisherman in this exciting Android game. Fish in lakes, rivers and seas. Throw fishing rods into the water and watch the screen carefully in order not to miss the moment of bite. Hook the fish and struggle against it. Roll the reel of your fishing rod. Leave the fishing line or roll it in the right moment. You can either sell or let the fish you catch go.


Art of tactics: War games

Game description: Art of tactics: War games:

Art of tactics: War games – gather a strong army of legendary heroes and warriors of different specialties. Defend the castle and defeat enemies. Demonstrate your tactical skills and talent of a commander in this interesting Android game. Battles take place on small maps. From 5 to 15 players from all over the world can take part in each battle. Each commander starts a game with a set of resources and troops the same with the others. You are going to develop an efficient strategy and allocate the available resources in the best way in order to defeat opponents.


Doors escape

Game description: Doors escape:

Doors escape – solve different puzzles and riddle to unlock locked rooms that block the way to the next levels. Improve your logic and intelligence in this Android game. Look forward to challenging puzzles, unusual riddles, and interesting tasks unique to each level. The initial levels of the game are quite simple, but the difficulty gradually increases. You’ll have to make everything you can to get to the last level. Open doors, each leading to a new world!