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Counter: Army force

Game description: Counter: Army force:

Counter: Army force – take part in counter terrorism operations of an army special forces on different maps. Destroy as many enemies as possible. In this Android game you are a soldier of a special unit. You have to do a lot of dangerous missions in different parts of the world. Take your assault rifle, machine gun, or other weapon. Shoot fast and destroy enemies before they can hit you. Move around the battlefield and use various covers. Collect medkits and use them in an emergency.


Tank wars

Game description: Tank wars:

Tank wars – control a small tank, drive it across the battle field, fight against enemy tanks. Dodge enemy fire with the help of maneuvers and shelters. Become the best tank driver in this interesting Android game. Destroy enemy tanks, automatic weapons and other military machinery. Dodge enemy rockets and missiles. Use walls and other objects as coverings. Shoot accurately from the tank gun. Win battles against much more numerous enemy and unlock new levels where you will meet new kinds of enemies.


Real furious racing 3D 2

Game description: Real furious racing 3D 2:

Real furious racing 3D 2 – accelerate your sports car to the mad speed, go around obstacles, and overtake all the opponents on the way to the finish. Take part in deadly races on tracks of this game for Android. Take a ride through city streets, snow-covered plains, or hot desert. Do sharp turns in drift. Overtake rivals cars, shoot missiles at your opponents to delay or destroy them. Use energy shield to defend against threats. Buy new cars.


Aftermath xhd

Game description: Aftermath xhd:


Viber: Infinite racer

Game description: Viber: Infinite racer:

Viber: Infinite racer – drive your sports car along busy tracks. Outrun cars on the road, pick golden coins and various power-ups. Get ready for dynamic race on interesting tracks of this Android game. Select one of the racers each having unique skills. Move the car from one side to another to maneuver in the stream of transport. Outrun rival at minimal distance to get bonus points. Buy cars of different car makes and upgrade them. Unblock new racers.