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Downy inn

Game description: Downy inn:

Downy inn – run your own restaurant, where cute animals are clients and restaurant staff. Cook tasty dishes according to the recipes from across the world. Bring a dream about a beautiful restaurant into life in this Android game. You were always interested in journeys and enjoyed tasty food in different countries of the world. Now you built a restaurant to treat local citizens with fine cuisine. Hire cooks and teach them nuances of the craft. Grow fresh ingredients. Serve visitors in time. Buy furniture and other objects.


Jump master

Game description: Jump master:

Jump master – jump and cross obstacles. This is a very simple game with hard levels. At first sight, it’s just a clicker, but it’s not like that. You will not only have to jump, but also bypass various obstacles in order to pass the level. There are more than 1000 levels in the game, and each level is more complicated than the previous one. So you will need good skills to jump through all the levels. However, doing this, you will definitely become the best jumper in the world.


Endless doves

Game description: Endless doves:

Endless doves – control a hero who can fly in his dreams. Fly up from your bed and travel the world full of obstacles and traps. Help the hero avoid collisions with various obstacles in this game for Android. You will meet a variety of doves on your way. They will fly after the hero. Collect as many of them as you can. Earn points and set records. You can unlock other creatures that will follow the hero instead of doves, for example pelicans, chickens, bees, bats, etc.


Fashion cup: Dress up and duel

Game description: Fashion cup: Dress up and duel:

Fashion cup: Dress up and duel – buy fashionable clothes and accessories, dress up your model, select hairdo and makeup and win fashion battles. Break into the world of couture fashion in this Android game. Turn your model into an icon of style and write your own story of success. Walk along the street of fashion shops and enjoy trying on and buying. Select a new fashion look for your model every time and fight against competitors from all over the world. Skilfully use your big wardrobe and rich experience and win. Open magic boxes with new styles.


Crossing road

Game description: Crossing road:

Crossing road – punish the annoying pedestrians who are crossing the road where it’s not allowed. Call for different vehicles so they hit the hurrying pedestrians. In this game for Android your task is not to allow any pedestrian get away from just punishment. Pedestrians run across a busy road. Touch the edges of the screen to make cars appear on the road. Calculate the right moment so that the car hits many pedestrians as possible. Get points for every pedestrian. Earn bonuses like road roller and truck.