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Spaced out!

Game description: Spaced out!:

Spaced out! – help a clumsy astronaut whose name is Dave escape from a huge space station damaged with asteroid hit. This Android game will take you to future. Space station was damaged by an asteroid. You must take astronaut Dave to the life-saving capsule with the help of an artificial intelligence. This won’t be easy as Dave has lost his keys again. Control the moves of the hero, use a jetpack, react gravity change, pick up keys and comics lost by Dave.


Laser: Endless action

Game description: Laser: Endless action:

Laser: Endless action – control a small cube and guide it along a narrow path made up of platforms flying in the abyss. Improve your reflexes and speed of your fingers in this game for Android. Your task is to guide the cube as far as possible along the track. Touch the screen to make the cube jump in the right direction. Be careful not to let the cube fall into the abyss. There’ll be many hazards like automatic laser cannons on your way. Choose the right moment to jump!


Magik bottles

Game description: Magik bottles:

Magik bottles – take a young wizard through the hard levels full of traps and tricky enemies. Help the young hero defeat powers of evil. In this Android game you are going to challenge an insidious villain, who kidnapped great wizards and threatens the existance of magic. Select among several young wizards, who want to rescue their masters and defeat evil. Take the hero forward, apply various spells to fight against enemies you meet on your way. Make the hero jump on the platforms and overcome obstacles.


Siege hero: Wizards

Game description: Siege hero: Wizards:


Ancient legend: Mountains and seas

Game description: Ancient legend: Mountains and seas:

Ancient legend: Mountains and seas – travel across the ancient fantastic world inhabited by mythic creatures, demons and sea beasts. Go to find adventures, glorious battles, new friends and true love in this Android game. Explore the seas and mountain peacks, go through the forests and dungeons. Fight against hordes of enemies, apply magic or unique combat skills. Team up with other players to struggle against powerful bosses. Take part in team or single arena battles against players from all over the world.