Daily Archives: October 9, 2019

Games logo quiz

Game description: Games logo quiz:

Games logo quiz – play a quiz where you need to guess the games by their logos. If you can’t guess from the first try you can get 2 more hints. Prove that you know all the games! Take part in a quiz, the essence of which is to guess the game titles from their logos. If it is too hard for you, you can use different hints.


Trollface quest: Sports puzzle

Game description: Trollface quest: Sports puzzle:

Trollface quest: Sports puzzle – guide a strange hero through a variety of funny levels, each with a fun mini-game. In this Android game you’ll need to unleash your imagination and logic. On each level you’ll have a new task usually associated with one of the sports. Interact with different objects on the screen to achieve the desired result. Be ready that you you may not know what result you need. Your sense of humor can help you cope with all the challenges.


Tiny bubbles

Game description: Tiny bubbles:

Tiny bubbles – connect bubbles filling them with colorful air and removing obstacles. Rescue underwater creatures who got into traps. Apply your logic abilities to solve original puzzles on the levels of this Android game. Take into account force of surface tension and pressure when completing levels. Combine bubbles and make groups of them. Remember that the amount of available moves is limited, apply useful clues in hard situations. Unlock fantastic worlds and new levels.


Rusted warfare

Game description: Rusted warfare:

Rusted warfare – construct your own military base and defend it from enemy attacks. Explore uncharted territory. Find enemy base and destroy it. Head a strong high-tech army in this game for Android. Construct various buildings with important functions in your base. Install turrets to protect your base. Create tanks, helicopters, warships, and other equipment. Combine your warlike equipment into units and command them. Fight the forces of the enemy and show your superiority in tactics by destroying the enemy. Play with your friends.


Crystal hearts world

Game description: Crystal hearts world:

Crystal hearts world – travel across the beautiful and dangerous world. Fight against various monsters, defend peaceful inhabitants and gather magic artifacts. Rescue the world from destruction in this Android game. Reveal the mystery of mystic crystals and get incredible power. Destroy huge monsters and other enemies standing on your way. Dodge enemy attacks and apply unique combat skills of different heroes during the battles. Level up your characters and make use of awakening system to create an invincible squad.