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Cyberlords: Arcology

Game description: Cyberlords: Arcology:

Cyberlords: Arcology – control a party of 4 cyber warriors fighting against a mega corporation. Head the resistance and fight evil. This Android game will take you to 2173. In the vast metropolis the power belongs to sinister corporations. The brave resistance fighters are fighting robots and soldiers of the corporations to give the people their freedom. Help the party of 4 fighters, each with unique abilities and weapons. Destroy enemies using abilities of your heroes. Get new equipment and weapons.


Full metal jackpot

Game description: Full metal jackpot:

Full metal jackpot – control a funny hero moving across the big arena, take part in the tensed gun fights with numerous enemies. Struggle for a big prize in this Android game. Take the hero across the battle field, shoot back at competitors and gather heaps of money. In each match you must try to get a jackpot having gathered maximum money. Try to outwit enemies. Buy powerful weapons and other items of outfit. Create a unique character, select his appearance and clothes to your liking. Get achievements and rewards.


Dunky dough ball

Game description: Dunky dough ball:

Dunky dough ball – control a funny dough ball. Guide it through difficult levels and dip it in a water bowl. Help the ball of dough go through dangerous kitchen in this game for Android. The hero’s bouncing off hard surfaces. Move it right or left to avoid sharp knives, open flames, and many other traps. Guide a fun hero to the bowl with water along the shortest route. Try to collect all the gold coins on the way to get an extra reward.



Game description: Hero-X:

Hero-X – help the fearless hero defend the city from an invasion if an unknown army. Defeat a variety of enemies with weapons and abilities. This Android game takes place on city streets, dungeons, deserts, and other locations. Lead character on, overcome pits and other obstacles, jump along platforms and attack enemies. Each hero has a few unique skills that will help you deal with opponents. Improve your hero, buy new weapons, unlock new characters.


King of kungfu 2: Street clash

Game description: King of kungfu 2: Street clash:

King of kungfu 2: Street clash – control an eastern martial arts master during the battles against hordes of enemies. Complete stunts and apply unique abilities of the hero. Master different combat maneuvers, get an inner energy and take the hero of this Android game to victory. Travel across various locations. In each of them you will meet hundreds of opponents. Tap corresponding buttons and control character’s actions. Help the hero avoid enemy attacks and crush opponents with powerful hits or combo. Buy nunchucks and other weapons.