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Elite SWAT: Counter terrorist game

Game description: Elite SWAT: Counter terrorist game:

Elite SWAT: Counter terrorist game – challenge terrorists and take part in the secret operations. Complete dangerous missions in different corners of the world. Become an elite special squad fighter in this Android game. Sustain severe trainings and get ready for completing combat missions. Penetrate enemy bases, free hostages, eliminate terrorist leaders. Apply various weapons in the battles, from a knife to a machinegun or a sniper rifle. Get rewards for completed missions, buy body armours, helmets and other items of outfit.


Like squad: Battle arena

Game description: Like squad: Battle arena:

Like squad: Battle arena – control a funny character on different arenas. Destroy enemy turrets and apply various weapons in the battles. Get ready for exciting battles on the arenas of this merry Android game. Defend your base from enemies, combine various weapons and characters to make use of their abilities at full. Buy beautiful suits which will make your hero unique. Team up with friends and defeat teams of other players from all over the world. Raise your rating and become a champion.


Cube soldiers: Crisis survival

Game description: Cube soldiers: Crisis survival:

Cube soldiers: Crisis survival – defend the world form mutants and space invaders. Fight monsters in different locations with various weapons. In this Android game your mission is to prevent the next Armageddon. Horrible monsters attacked the planet and are eager to destroy all living. Nobody knows where they came from. But it is quite clear what you need to do – destroy them all. Use different weapons fighting them, from hunting bows to machine guns and rocket launchers. Try to survive, because the fate of humanity depends on you!


Desert sniper: Invisible killer

Game description: Desert sniper: Invisible killer:

Desert sniper: Invisible killer – complete dangerous fighting missions in a hot desert. Destroy terrorists with the help of your sniper rifle. In this Android game you are going to participate in secret fighting missions. Attack terrorists’ camp from maximum possible distance. Take a convenient position among rocks and sand dunes. Use an optical sight, pull the trigger and try to kill the enemy with a headshot. Avoid return fire. Purchase sniper rifles of various models, armor vests, etc.


Madness cubed blitz

Game description: Madness cubed blitz:

Madness cubed blitz – take part in the dynamic battles on various maps. Apply modern weapons and items of outfit to defeat enemies. Demonstrate excellent reflexes and tactical skills on the battle fields of this exciting Android game. Move fast from one covering to another trying to dodge enemy fire. Shoot accurately from the assault rifle, machinegun or other weapons. Buy items of outfit and new types of weapons. Challenge players from all over the world, win team or single battles.