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Game description: McPixel:

McPixel – help a brave and a bit dumb guy save the world from the bombs placed by terrorists. Use different items to avert explosions. The hero of this game for Android has found a bomb. He finds new bombs on each level. The noble mission of the hero is to save all others from the blast, help him do it. You only have 20 seconds to make the right decision. Use surrounding objects, scares passers-by, you can even attack people to scare them away.


The abandoned school

Game description: The abandoned school:


Royal Trouble

Game description: Royal Trouble:


Trollface quest: Sports puzzle

Game description: Trollface quest: Sports puzzle:

Trollface quest: Sports puzzle – guide a strange hero through a variety of funny levels, each with a fun mini-game. In this Android game you’ll need to unleash your imagination and logic. On each level you’ll have a new task usually associated with one of the sports. Interact with different objects on the screen to achieve the desired result. Be ready that you you may not know what result you need. Your sense of humor can help you cope with all the challenges.


World wonders escape

Game description: World wonders escape:

World wonders escape – travel different corners of the world. Collect hidden objects and solve interesting puzzles. Visit the most famous architectural monuments, located on different continents in this game for Android. Everywhere you go you’ll find fascinating logic puzzles. Do them to continue your journey. Look for jewels and the keys to locked doors. Arrange pieces into a whole picture and do other puzzles. Use found objects in unexpected ways.