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Tank invaders

Game description: Tank invaders:

Tank invaders – our cunning enemy is attacking our military bases as well as our allies all over the world. Destroy endless columns of their machinery. Control different armaments like rockets, magnet bombs and autocannons in this Android game. Destroy enemy tanks, armored vehicles and aviation. Don’t let the enemy get to your base and wipe them out on approach to it. Apart from usual combat machinery your enemy has huge armored beasts with extra durability and fire power. Turn them into smoldering piles of metal!


Puzzle and magic

Game description: Puzzle and magic:

Puzzle and magic – connect same magic spheres with a line to make them explode. They’ll allow mage use spells. Guide the mage and the knight through a lot of battles with various enemies. The strength of mage’s spells depends on your actions. The more same magical spheres you connect, the more powerful the spell will be. Each type of spheres uses a certain kind of magic, like lightning or fire. Connect as much spheres as possible with a line and get bonuses.


Dummy Defense

Game description: Dummy Defense:



Game description: Temple

Temple – control a funny hero during the race on the islands floating in the sky. Gather golden coins and useful bonuses. Test your reflexes in this dynamic Android game. Click on the screen to control the running hero, who leaves a colored trace behind. Try to collect as many coins as possible along the way. Beware of the demonic monkeys that chase the heroes. Outrun your competitors and get the treasures of an ancient temple. Win the battle against other players, raise the rating.


Space speed 3D

Game description: Space speed 3D:

Space speed 3D – speed on across the winding space tunnel on amazing speed. Dodge hitting obstacles and collect bonuses. Show your piloting skill and excellent reflexes in this addictive game for Android. Accelerate to an incredible speed and overcome challenging tracks as fast as you can. Moves from side to side, fly around obstacles or shoot them to destroy them. Each collision costs you 1 life. When you run out of lives the game is over. Collect ammo and other bonuses.