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Stone age chef: The crazy restaurant and cooking game

Game description: Stone age chef: The crazy restaurant and cooking game:

Stone age chef: The crazy restaurant and cooking game – cook prehistorical dishes for people and cute dinosaurs in the stone age restaurant kitchens. Sophie, the main heroine of this merry Android game dreams of becoming the best chef of the prehistorical world. For this she starts a trip around the world. The girl will cook incredible dishes in different corners of the planet and you will help her in this. Don’t make clients wait in order to get a reward. Buy weird equipment for the kitchen. Unlock amazing cooking recipes.


Slingshot club

Game description: Slingshot club:

Slingshot club – shoot from a Y-stick at different targets. Some of them can move, others can’t. Complete hard tasks and get rewards. Demonstrate your accuracy in this Android game. Stretch the string to maximum, aim carefully and shoot directly at the target. Take into account direction and force of wind to reach excellent results. Train, complete tasks and try to get 3 stars for completing of each of the levels. Take part in the international tournamnt and become a champion. Buy new Y-sticks.


Craft king

Game description: Craft king:

Craft king – gather different resources and use them to make whatever you want. Build a house and furnish it. Or try to create a whole city.


That level again 2

Game description: That level again 2:

That level again 2 – help the hero escape the locked room. To do that you need to get the key to the locked door. Unlock it and go to the next level. In fact, this game for Android has only 1 level. It consists of a room with several platforms and two doors, one of which leads to a small room, and the other to the next level. Help the funny hero find the key and open the door. At each level, the key will be in the new location. In addition there’ll be new objects to interact with.


Spellfall: Puzzle adventure

Game description: Spellfall: Puzzle adventure:

Spellfall: Puzzle adventure – defeat the forces of evil with your mind and powerful magic. Match 3 or more magic tiles to use the spells. Get 3 fire tiles together and you can use fire spell. You use the water spell when you match 3 water tiles, and so on. The more tiles you match, the more damage you do to the enemy. The hero of this Android game needs to fight magical battles with various monsters. Buy weapons, clothes, and equipment for your hero to enhance their magical abilities.