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Escape: World travel

Game description: Escape: World travel:

Escape: World travel – travel different countries and try to open all the locked doors to complete your way. Solve logic puzzles. Show your powers of observation and logic in this game for Android. Carefully inspect the room, phone booth, or other location where you can find yourself. Find all the hidden objects and use them to do tasks. Try to crack code locks or solve other logic puzzles. Complete levels and go to different countries to new adventures.


Willihard. Collector’s edition: Full hidden objects

Game description: Willihard. Collector’s edition: Full hidden objects:

Willihard. Collector’s edition: Full hidden objects – help the brave warrior find out secrets of the kingdom and find a way to defeat a dragon. Embark on a journey with the hero of this game for Android. Explore dungeons, medieval towns, castles, and other locations. Meet 12 characters, each with their own story. Look for different items to help you defeat the monsters, and complete other tasks. Solve logic puzzles. Play exciting mini-games, create a collection of unique items.

Psycho escape

Game description: Psycho escape:

Psycho escape – try to escape from the cruel killer chasing after you. Collect and use different items to escape traps. Mysterious stalker is hunting the hero of this game for Android. There’s no point waiting for the police, so the only solution is to escape. Help the character go through many locations, from night city streets to various rooms. At each level you’ll need to find hidden objects and then use them to perform tasks. Crack codes and solve other puzzles.


Millionaire 2019 quiz

Game description: Millionaire 2019 quiz:

Millionaire 2019 quiz – give the right answers to questions which will gradually get harder. Avoid making mistakes in order to get the main prize. Feel what it’s like to be a participant of a popular TV show and demonstrate your erudition in this Android game. Try to give the right answers to fifteen questions in succession to win the game. You will face questions from different knowledge area. In case you do not know the right answer, you can trust your intuition and choose any answer from four possible. Besides, you can make use of clues.


Solitaire Zen

Game description: Solitaire Zen: