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Dungeon link

Game description: Dungeon link:

Dungeon link – explore the vast dungeons and other locations of this magical world with a team of unbeatable heroes. Fight a variety of enemies. Defeat the king of demons and save the world in this game for Android. Embark on an adventure and find new friends that will help you fight. Do various tasks and defeat dungeon bosses to get rare heroes into your collection. In battle you need to connect same tiles to make your heroes attack enemies. Improve your characters and create an invincible squad.


Block puzzle

Game description: Block puzzle:

Block puzzle – place blocks of different shapes and colors on the screen. Find the right position for each block so there’s no empty cells on the screen. Practice logic and spatial thinking in this game for Android. The screen has a rectangular grid surrounded by different blocks. Drag the blocks to the grid to fill it up. All the tiles on the grid need to be filled up so as the parts of the blocks don’t protrude beyond the boundaries of the grid. You can’t rotate the blocks. Use tips in difficult situations.


Chess Chess

Game description: Chess Chess:


Cartoon squad

Game description: Cartoon squad:

Cartoon squad – gather a squad of bold heroes. Match magical spheres and other objects to get the combinations necessary to fight against enemies. Get ready for the incredible adventures and exciting battles that are waiting for you in this Android game. Lead the squad, consisting of superheroes, pirates, monsters and other characters with incredible abilities. Use your intelligence and logic to help heroes during the battle with numerous enemies. Build and defend your own base. Defeat other players.


That level again 2

Game description: That level again 2:

That level again 2 – help the hero escape the locked room. To do that you need to get the key to the locked door. Unlock it and go to the next level. In fact, this game for Android has only 1 level. It consists of a room with several platforms and two doors, one of which leads to a small room, and the other to the next level. Help the funny hero find the key and open the door. At each level, the key will be in the new location. In addition there’ll be new objects to interact with.