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Cyberlords: Arcology

Game description: Cyberlords: Arcology:

Cyberlords: Arcology – control a party of 4 cyber warriors fighting against a mega corporation. Head the resistance and fight evil. This Android game will take you to 2173. In the vast metropolis the power belongs to sinister corporations. The brave resistance fighters are fighting robots and soldiers of the corporations to give the people their freedom. Help the party of 4 fighters, each with unique abilities and weapons. Destroy enemies using abilities of your heroes. Get new equipment and weapons.


Monster RPG 2

Game description: Monster RPG 2:

Monster RPG 2 – help a brave girl save her native village and the whole world from horrible monsters. Get a party of adventurers and win battles. Go on a fantastic journey through different worlds in this game for Android. Do exciting tasks and fight horrible monsters who want to destroy the world. Use destructive spells or a variety of weapons in battle. Think over your actions in combat. Give orders to the heroes and win battles. Collect loot and improve characters.


Ragnarok M: Eternal love

Game description: Ragnarok M: Eternal love:

Ragnarok M: Eternal love – travel across fantasy locations, visit wonderful cities and gloomy dungeons, defeat monsters and bosses. Go to find adventures and new friends in this Android game. Explore a huge open world full of mysteries and dangers. Apply combat skills or spells in the battles against enemies. Tame pets who will help you in the battles and during the journeys. Team up with other players for boss battles and for completing other missions. Buy beautiful suits and legendary weapons.


Everlasting lineage

Game description: Everlasting lineage:

Everlasting lineage – travel across the fantasy locations of an incredible world, complete exciting tasks, fight against monsters and other enemies. Get ready for exciting battles and adventures waiting for you in this Android game. Fight against monsters to get rich trophies and experience. Develop your hero, level him up and master new skills. Buy high quality weapons and armor, beautiful suits, pets and so on. Team up with friends and join a guild to take part in boss raids and wars.


With: Magic tales

Game description: With: Magic tales:

With: Magic tales – Explore incredible locations of a fantasy world. Fight against monsters, team up with friends and find your love. Go to find adventures in this Android game. Defeat monsters to get trophies and valuable experience needed to develop your character. Join a marriage alliance to find your love and become stronger. Gather a group of friends and challenge powerful bosses. Buy beautiful suits, legendary weapons and other items of outfit. Tame riding and combat pets.