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The chronicles of Chroisen 2

Game description: The chronicles of Chroisen 2:

The chronicles of Chroisen 2 – go searching for adventure in a fantastic world with gods and dungeons full of monsters. Explore huge world of this Android game. Create your character and select one of many classes like warrior, mage, berserk, archer and so on. Complete different missions and level up your hero. Learn new skills and abilities. Cleanse the dungeons from monsters and receive awards you’ve earned. Pick up sets of unique armor and find legendary weapon for your hero.


Legacy of Zeus

Game description: Legacy of Zeus:

Legacy of Zeus – start a journey across Ancient Greece, fight against mythic monsters, challenge mighty gods and step onto the Olympus. Get ready for incredible adventures in this Android game. Take your hero across wonderful cities and dangerous underground mazes. Crush enemies with your sword, accurate shots or destructive spells. Get legendary weapons. Develop your hero and gain devine might. Team up with friends and fight on the arena against players from all over the world.


Voodoo heroes

Game description: Voodoo heroes:

Voodoo heroes – explore gloomy dungeons together with voodoo heroes. Get ready for tactical battles against various opponents. Different voodoo dolls are the heroes of this Android game. Each hero has a unique appearance, weapons and abilities. Get through the randomly generated dungeons. Find hidden treasures, fight against monsters and bosses, get rare objects and ingredients to craft outfit. Add new voodoo dolls to your collection. Attack castles of other players.


Final fantasy V

Game description: Final fantasy V:


Crystal hearts world

Game description: Crystal hearts world:

Crystal hearts world – travel across the beautiful and dangerous world. Fight against various monsters, defend peaceful inhabitants and gather magic artifacts. Rescue the world from destruction in this Android game. Reveal the mystery of mystic crystals and get incredible power. Destroy huge monsters and other enemies standing on your way. Dodge enemy attacks and apply unique combat skills of different heroes during the battles. Level up your characters and make use of awakening system to create an invincible squad.