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Mayday! 2: Terror in the sky. Emergency landing

Game description: Mayday! 2: Terror in the sky. Emergency landing:

Mayday! 2: Terror in the sky. Emergency landing – fly a passenger airliner and land in different airports. In this game for Android you have to become a professional pilot. Safely land the plane and deliver passengers to the destination. Your task will be complicated by failures of various systems of the aircraft, as well as severe weather conditions like snow, rain, storm, etc. Prove your skills and do the most complex tasks. Unlock all planes.


The ramen sensei

Game description: The ramen sensei:

The ramen sensei – manage your own small diner and feed all your clients with tasty and nutritious ramen. Improve your diner. Become a famous chef in this game for Android. Cook ramen from a variety of ingredients such as pork, fish, miso, and, of course, noodles. Show your imagination and invent amazing new recipes of ramen. Make your diner the most popular in the city. Attract more new customers and grow your business. Build a whole ramen theme park.


I am the boss! Multiplayer 3D

Game description: I am the boss! Multiplayer 3D:

I am the boss! Multiplayer 3D – become the owner of your own company. Create quality goods and sell them. Defeat your opponents. In this game for Android you can become an experienced businessman. Delve into the nuances of your company. Purchase raw materials and new equipment. Set the best prices for your produce and plan the necessary volume of sales. Learn pricing and other aspects of competition. Try to get the biggest market share possible. Develop your corporation.


Tube tycoon

Game description: Tube tycoon:

Tube tycoon – improve and promote your videoblog. Film interesting videos that will be interesting for many viewers. Get money and become a star.


Bus fix 2019

Game description: Bus fix 2019:

Bus fix 2019 – repair buses in a well equipped garage. Make diagnostics and change parts which are out of order. Try yourself as a professional car mechanic in this exciting Android game. You are an owner of a workshop and you can take orders on repairing of different models of buses. Take a bus to parts and make diagnostics to find disorders. Buy spare parts and fix them to a bus instead of broken ones. Get rewards and upgrade your workshop.