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Golden tee: Mobile

Game description: Golden tee: Mobile:

Golden tee: Mobile – play golf on most interesting golf courts in different parts of the planet. Hit the ball and score them into holes. Create a unique golfer in the game for Android. You can choose gender and appearance of your hero and buy a lot of different costumes. Go to the golf course and try to guide the balls through all the hole. Carefully calculate power and trajectory of your hit not to get in a difficult situation. Unlock new golf courses and compete with your friends.


Street wars: Basketball

Game description: Street wars: Basketball:

Street wars: Basketball – play street basketball in different basketball playing grounds. Throw the ball into the ring and win dynamic battles. Become a king of street basketball in this Android game. Create a unique character, select his sex, appearance and clothes. Move the hero across the playing ground, take the ball from your opponent, use tricky feints and stunts to get victory. Communicate with friends and team up with them to compete 3×3 with other players. Train your hero, master new skills.



Game description: Fisticuffs:

Fisticuffs – take part in retro boxing competitions. Take your fighter into the ring and try to knock out strong opponents to become a champion. This Android game takes you to the beginning of the 20th century. You have to prove your strength and courage taking part in the boxing championship. Meet strange rivals from around the world face to face. Move your boxer around the ring dodging enemy attacks. Use powerful punches on opponents body and head. Go to the defensive strategy at the right moments. Win by knocking out your opponent or by getting more points.


Pool stars

Game description: Pool stars:

Pool stars – play pool in small clubs and on international arenas. Aim carefully before each hit of balls. Become a professional pool player in this Android game. Start your career with trainings and complete interesting tasks. Take part in the contest and win thanks to your accuracy and good hits. Perform difficult hits and apply feints. Challenge players from all over the world, successfuly play on different sports arenas, win and raise your rating.


Rio 2016: Olympic games. Official mobile game

Game description: Rio 2016: Olympic games. Official mobile game:

Rio 2016: Olympic games. Official mobile game – participate in Olympic games on various sports and get maximum medals for your national team. Go to Rio-de-Janeiro and become an Olympic participant in this Android game. You can select your favorite national team and take it to the victory in 6 kinds of sports desciplines such as tennis, football, archery, etc. All you need to do is to tap the screen to send the ball to the gates of your opponent, return tennis services and skeet. Compete with other players.