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Hotel Dash

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Fortress Under Siege

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Game description: Expanse:

Expanse – go to a faraway planet, build a base, gather an army and create fighting machinery, fight against competitors for energy resources. Go to a faraway future in this Android game. Mankind left the Earth looking for new life space. One of giant colonization ships found a planet hardly suitable for life. There was a military conflict between 3 fractions of colonists. Take command over your fraction. Use unique fighting units and constructions. Get resources, defend your base, destroy enemies.


Kings online

Game description: Kings online:

Kings online – head your own kingdom and defend it from enemies. Explore new territories, get resources and improve your castle. Become the most powerful king in a fantasy world of this Android game. Improve your kingdom. Send workers to mine the necessary resources. Construct new buildings and fortifications. Research new technology. Create a strong army with different soldiers. Hunt terrible monsters and defeat them to gain valuable rewards. Attack enemy castles and defend your castle.


Tankcraft 3: Commander

Game description: Tankcraft 3: Commander:

Tankcraft 3: Commander – take command of tank squads on the battle field. Destroy enemy squads, defend your base and try to destroy opponent base. Demonstrate your talent of a commander in this exciting Android game. Struggle on a small map where your base is placed opposite to the enemy base. Summon available forces to the battle field and make them assault. Destroy enemy machinery. Reach the enemy base and seize it. Buy and upgrade tanks of different models.