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City island 2: Building story

Game description: City island 2: Building story:


Clan war

Game description: Clan war:

Clan war – create a huge army of the most different battle units. Guide your warriors into battle and fight strong opponents. Guide your clan to the victory. Feel like a great general in this game for Android. Do exciting tasks and develop your army. Hire infantry, archers, wizards, knights, and even dragons. Fight enemy armies and defend the land of your clan. Use unique powers of each type of soldier. Create a winning strategy for each battle. Win and get decent rewards.



Game description: Quaser:

Quaser – take your damaged space ship to the destination point. Operate different systems of your ship in manual mode trying to save resources. In this Android game you are going to play as a space ship operator who was sent to a faraway star. Your task is to find the ship lost 9 years ago and rescue its crew. Sudden disaster put the mission at threat. Use limited resources in the best way, control the work of 5 sections of your ship, finish the flight and reveal the secret of the lost expedition.


Townsmen Premium

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Cat War

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