Pocket RPG

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Crazy excavator simulator

Game description: Crazy excavator simulator:

Crazy excavator simulator – drive a huge powerful excavator and complete different tasks. Control all movements of the scoop and the vehicle itself. Become a professional excavator operator in this Android game. Touch control levers to turn excavator, raise and lower the scoop, and to other things. Move the camera and observe the vehicle from different angles. Dig holes, remove obstacles out of the way, move various loads, like barrels. Practice and improve your excavating skills.


Magic Wingdom

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Tap the color

Game description: Tap the color:

Tap the color – among all the colorful tiles tap the one that has a slightly different shade than the other ones. Train your attentiveness and your reaction in this Android game. Find the tile of a different shade and tap it as soon as possible. You have 30 seconds to beat each level. The initial levels are fairly simple and the playing field has only 4 tiles, but as you progress the number of tiles increases and your task becomes more difficult.


Mutants vs the chosen: Traitor

Game description: Mutants vs the chosen: Traitor:

Mutants vs the chosen: Traitor – help the hero and his sister survive and hide from the villains chasing them. Search for useful objects and explore interesting places. This Android game will take you to the world after a global cataclysm. Many people suffer from various genetic mutations. The main character is a mutant. He saved his sister who has been kidnapped by bandits attacking mutant villages. Now you have to help the hero and his sister set up their new home in the ruined basement and to whatever it takes to defend the new home.