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Game description: Orcs:

Orcs – save the orcs who shipwrecked near a mysterious island. Gather resources, build your own castle and create an army of orcs. Lead fearless orcs in this Android game. Conquer new uncharted territory. First of all you need wood. Tap trees as fast as possible to make the hero cut down trees and get wood. Build a variety of structures from it. Hire new orc workers that will improve construction and mining speed. Make your army of brave orc warriors.


Lava up: Save princesses

Game description: Lava up: Save princesses:

Lava up: Save princesses – help the brave hero rescue as many princesses as possible and escape from burning lava getting every time higher. Demonstrate the legerity of your fingers and good speed of reaction in this simple but exciting Android game. The main hero must jump on the blocks falling from above and getting one onto another. This is the only way to escape from lava flows. On some blocks the hero will meet entrapped princesses. You must rescue all princesses to get their gratitude and playing points.


Catch up

Game description: Catch up:

Catch up – roll a small ball along an endless track where you will meet various obstacles and dangers. Gather crystals. Demonstrate legerity of your fingers and attentiveness in this Android game. Tap the screen in time to move the ball to different sides or make it jump. Don’t let the ball crash against moving and stable barriers, complete risky maneuvers and stunts. Gather crystals to get an extra reward. Set records which will surprise your friends.


Wave wave

Game description: Wave wave:

Wave wave – guide the running wave and dodge the obstacles.


Smashing four

Game description: Smashing four:

Smashing four – take command over a squad consisting of four brave heroes. Fight on different arenas against numerous enemies. Get ready for merry and dynamic battles, waiting for you in this Android game. Enlarge your collection of heroes having unique characteristics and skills. Swipe the screen to shoot the heroes in the needed direction. Try to hit fighters of your opponent. Take into account that the characters can bounce one another and arena walls. Hire new heroes and gather an invincible squad.