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Game description: Papermates:

Papermates – go adventuring with funny heroes. Help them solve logic puzzles and use various objects. This game for Android is based on same name cartoon. You can meet Aristotle the moose and his funny friends. Help the heroes explore the mysterious forest. Make delicious meals for animals in the kitchen. Interact with objects on the screen. Drag and drop objects on the screen and use them. Change the look of your favorite characters. The game will be especially interesting for children.


Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

Game description: Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded:


Sin city: Hidden cult

Game description: Sin city: Hidden cult:

Sin city: Hidden cult – carry out an investigation of series of mysterious murders that happened in a huge city. Follow the tracks of insidious criminals. In this Android game, you’re acting as a detective and a homicidemurder investigation unit. You lead a complicated case related to a series of horrible murders. Immerse yourself in the investigation and learn the dark secrets of the city. Make decisions in ambiguous situations. Choose your way, protect the law or lead the criminal world. Question witnesses and suspects, collect evidence, catch the villains.

Cube escape: Paradox

Game description: Cube escape: Paradox:

Cube escape: Paradox – help a detective solve many hard puzzles to escape from a sinister room where he appeared. Detective Dale Vandermeer woke up in a weird room in this Android game. The hero has lost his memory but he understands fast that he is a prisoner of his enemy. Look around together with Dale. Find clues, evidence and useful objects. Guess riddles and solve different logic puzzles. Help a famous detective bring back his memory and escape from this mystic place.


Showa candy shop 2

Game description: Showa candy shop 2:

Showa candy shop 2 – run an old fashioned candy shop placed in one of quiet Tokyo streets. Sell candies and cheap toys to kids. In this Android game you can see Japan in a time before smartphones and Internet. Plunge into unique atmosphere of a small shop kids like to be in. Place candies and other sweets on the shelves of your shop. Place old fashioned toys in the shop windows. Don’t let your guests leave without buying anything. Spend money to upgrade your shop and expand the assortment.