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Lost adventures: Hidden objects

Game description: Lost adventures: Hidden objects:

Lost adventures: Hidden objects – find many different objects hidden in beautiful locations. Do tasks to continue on your way. Travel through magical land in this addictive game for Android. On each level there are new tasks to find items. Look around, explore a variety of buildings, medieval castles, high green mountains, and other locations. Test your observation skills and find all the caches. In difficult situations you can use hints.

Lost lands 2: The four horsemen

Game description: Lost lands 2: The four horsemen:

Lost lands 2: The four horsemen – help the young girl in her dangerous travel through the fantastic world full of magic and unusual creatures. The four horseman are galloping through the amazing world of this Android game bringing death and destruction. Peaceful villagers asked a girl from our world to help them and you need to guide her through this mission. Follow the horsemen, meet and talk with unusual characters. Look for hidden objects and use them to do tasks and solve puzzles.


The ghost archives: Haunting of Shady Valley

Game description: The ghost archives: Haunting of Shady Valley:

The ghost archives: Haunting of Shady Valley – uncover the mystery of a small mining village long abandoned by people. Now there are ghosts living in it. Use your psychic abilities and logic to help the lost souls find their peace. Accompanied by the friendly ghost you will inspect every corner of an abandoned settlement. Collect a variety of items and clues that can shed some light on what had happened in the distant. Solve logic puzzles and find out how you can break the curse imposed on the village and its inhabitants.


Trollface quest: Sports puzzle

Game description: Trollface quest: Sports puzzle:

Trollface quest: Sports puzzle – guide a strange hero through a variety of funny levels, each with a fun mini-game. In this Android game you’ll need to unleash your imagination and logic. On each level you’ll have a new task usually associated with one of the sports. Interact with different objects on the screen to achieve the desired result. Be ready that you you may not know what result you need. Your sense of humor can help you cope with all the challenges.


World wonders escape

Game description: World wonders escape:

World wonders escape – travel different corners of the world. Collect hidden objects and solve interesting puzzles. Visit the most famous architectural monuments, located on different continents in this game for Android. Everywhere you go you’ll find fascinating logic puzzles. Do them to continue your journey. Look for jewels and the keys to locked doors. Arrange pieces into a whole picture and do other puzzles. Use found objects in unexpected ways.