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Miga town: My TV shows

Game description: Miga town: My TV shows:

Miga town: My TV shows – try yourself as a manager of a TV channel. Produce various TV shows and films or just start online streaming of popular events. Try to work on different scenes of the TV station in this Android game, in order to create content for your viewers. You can interview a famous person, work as a weatherman, play a live football match, or run your own cooking show. To do this, you have 5 different scenes where all the material for your channel will be shot. Become a star and set the wheels in motion in regards of your TV.


Jail Break Rush

Game description: Jail Break Rush:



Game description: Bebebears:

Bebebears – explore the forest and other beautiful places together with cute bears, the heroes of a popular cartoon. Get new knowledge and have fun! This Android game will be especially interesting for kids. Kids can meet characters of their favorite cartoon again and explore the world together. Exciting interactive books will tell the game heroes and kids about interesting facts about surrounding world. Different books tell about such fields as space, travels, health, nature and so on. Easy tasks and merry activities will not let you feel bored.


Greedy Monsters

Game description: Greedy Monsters:


Crowd city

Game description: Crowd city:

Crowd city – explore a huge city full of traps and hordes of enemies. Gather your team of followers, defeat numerous opponents. In this simple and exciting Android game your power depends on the number of your followers. Walk across different districts of the big city and gather followers. Lead an endless crowd and find competitors. Attack enemies and seize new followers. Stay away from those opponents who take command of bigger crowds. Lead the biggest crowd and become a winner.