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Racemasters: ?lash of cars

Game description: Racemasters: ?lash of cars:

Racemasters: ?lash of cars – drive a car and escape from police and other chasers. Blast cars of opponents with the help of various weapons. Get ready for a death race waiting for you on the tracks of this Android game. Your car is rushing forward and police pursuits you. Speed up and escape from pursuit. Apply rockets, bombs and other weapons to destroy chasers. Challenge other racers and try to get to the finish first to get a prize. Buy and upgrade cars of different models.


Small bang

Game description: Small bang:

Small bang – rescue a dinosaur from death! Move a dinosaur on the planet surface to make him dodge numerous meteorites. Demonstrate excellent observation skills and reflexes in this exciting Android game. Meteorites approach the planet from everywhere. Watch the situation and move the dinosaur to different sides. Gather flowers and other bonuses. Try to prevent the character from crashing against meteorites as long as possible. Avoid red meteorites especially. Unlock new characters.


Idle grass cutter

Game description: Idle grass cutter:

Idle grass cutter – cut grass on your lawn. Just slide the screen with your finger to cut grass. Apply automatic grass cutters. In this simple and interesting Android game you can bring your dream about a perfect lawn to life. All you need to do to cut grass is touch the screen. Besides, you can gather a real collection of various grass cutters which will automatically move across your lawn and cut it. Buy useful upgrades. Be ready for rains and other weather changes.


Swish ball!

Game description: Swish ball!:

Swish ball! – tap the screen, control two manipulators, hit the balls with their help and take the balls into the basket. Train the speed of your fingers in this simple but exciting Android game. Your task is to throw as many balls into the basket as possible. Hurry up, you have limited time to complete tasks! Though the more balls you take into the basket the more extra chances you will get to set new records. And remember that the game will be over earlier if you drop the ball.


Hero of empire: Battle clash

Game description: Hero of empire: Battle clash:

Hero of empire: Battle clash – take your small army to the battle. Defend your base and try to get through to the enemy towers to destroy them. Become a glorious commander in this Android game. Build defense towers in the key points of the arena. Place archers and wizards on the walls. Apply magic cards to summon heroes to the battle field and make them attack enemies. Destroy opponent heroes, crash enemy fortifications and seize the main tower in order to win. Unlock new arenas and enlarge your collection of cards.