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Fun kids train racing games

Game description: Fun kids train racing games:

Fun kids train racing games – control a funny train. Drive your train along mountain roads and long tunnels. Carry passengers and various cargoes. This Android game will come to liking of kids as well as adults if they like trains. Travel along railways across picturesque Alps. You must watch the road carefully and prevent the train from crushing or crashing against various obstacles. Stop at the stations to detrain the passengers. Attach new carriages to your train and continue your journey.


Pocket trains

Game description: Pocket trains:

Pocket trains – carry various cargoes and passengers with the help of branched net of railways. Drive trains of different types and complete tasks. Manage a transport empire in this exciting Android game. Carry out cargo delivery across the world. Discover new railways in different corners of the planet. Complete tasks and get worthy rewards. Gather parts needed to make different trains. Add unique engines and locomotives to your collection. Enjoy beautiful landscapes.