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Spellfall: Puzzle adventure

Game description: Spellfall: Puzzle adventure:

Spellfall: Puzzle adventure – defeat the forces of evil with your mind and powerful magic. Match 3 or more magic tiles to use the spells. Get 3 fire tiles together and you can use fire spell. You use the water spell when you match 3 water tiles, and so on. The more tiles you match, the more damage you do to the enemy. The hero of this Android game needs to fight magical battles with various monsters. Buy weapons, clothes, and equipment for your hero to enhance their magical abilities.


Ramen master

Game description: Ramen master:

Ramen master – cook tasty ramen for the clients of your restaurant. Mix ingredients, complete orders of the clients as fast as possible. Learn the secrets of Japanese cuisine in this Android game. Numerous clients will visit your restaurant and each of them wants to get his serving of ramen. Exactly complete the orders and don’t make mistakes in the recipes. Get rewards and expand your business. Unlock new restaurants in different corners of the world. Buy equipment for kitchen and other useful objects for the restaurant.


King of kungfu: Street combat

Game description: King of kungfu: Street combat:

King of kungfu: Street combat – help the brave hero clear the city from street gangs. Use martial arts to defeat a variety of enemies. The hero of this game for Android, a kung fu master, is forced to fight for his life on the streets of a huge metropolis. Help him win fights. Be careful and don’t let the enemies get close. Enemies attack from all sides. In time turn the hero in the right direction and use various fighting techniques. Powerful combos will help you deal with crowds of thugs and powerful bosses.



Game description: Dreii:

Dreii – updated and expanded version of a popular puzzle game Drei that gives people an opportunity to communicate no matter where they live or language they talk. The basic idea of the game is the joint construction of a tower and holding elements of different shapes and sizes. You’ll get distracted by explosions, thunder, and other natural phenomena that appear at the most inopportune moments. Dreii has great translation service that works with many languages and helps people from different countries communicate.


Paradise island craft: Sea fishing and crafting

Game description: Paradise island craft: Sea fishing and crafting:

Paradise island craft: Sea fishing and crafting – explore a tropical island, sail across the warm ocean, fish and have fun. Spend your vacation on a beautiful island in this Android game. Explore the archipelago on your own yacht. Throw a fishing rod into the sea and try to catch a huge fish, which will become a worthy trophy. Jump into the warm sea and enjoy beauty of the underwater world. Step on the sandy beach and play volleyball. Build hotels, cafes and other buildings on the island. Find pirate treasures.