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The prince Billy Bob

Game description: The prince Billy Bob:

The prince Billy Bob – guide the fearless hero through a dungeon full of a variety of enemies. Defeat powerful bosses Move through dungeons without stopping for a moving in this game for Android. The hero will automatically fight the monsters. Your task is to improve weapons and other equipment of the hero in time. Each fight with a monster or a boss will bring you a certain amount of gold and other valuables. Use these resources to develop your character and fight evil.


Clicker bands

Game description: Clicker bands:

Clicker bands – create your party and go to the Wild West. Rob trains, get gold and show your skills shooting your revolver. Become the best burglar of the Wild West doing tasks in this game for Android. Attack trains moving on rails. Tap the lock hanging on the doors of the car to crack it. Tap the bags of gold fast to collect them. Use gold and recruit new team members. Collect diamonds in accuracy trial where you need to shoot particular type of object, without hitting other targets.


Tap adventure: Time travel

Game description: Tap adventure: Time travel:

Tap adventure: Time travel – go looking for adventure with fearless heroes. Tap the screen as fast as possible to defeat a variety of enemies. Show the speed of your fingers in this exciting game for Android. Tap enemies to make the heroes attack them using strong weapons and powerful spells. Collect valuable loot and purchase a variety of items of equipment for your heroes. Guide the heroes through dense forests, dangerous swamps, intricate dungeons, and other locations filled with different monsters.


Homeless demon king

Game description: Homeless demon king:

Homeless demon king – help the king of demons return the castle, seized by the hero. Take the king of demons along the castle floors, tap the screen and defeat different people. A king of demons, the main hero of this Android game, lost his castle when he was defeated by people led by a heroic knight. The king of demons had to work at the shop, where people teased him. But now he can’t stand it anymore. The king of demons is going to win back his castle from people! Help the king of demons defeat hundreds of annoying people. Gather a team of assistants and magic stamps.


Millionaire to billionaire tycoon: Clicker game

Game description: Millionaire to billionaire tycoon: Clicker game:

Millionaire to billionaire tycoon: Clicker game – tap the screen fast and earn money. Buy and sell goods, build constructions. Start from the very beginning and create a huge business empire in this simple and exciting Android game. For this you will need only fast fingers and wish. Tap the screen of your device and get coins. Develop trade, study new business technologies. Build profitable constructions and upgrade them. Hire managers with different abilities who will help you earn even more money.