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Millionaire to billionaire tycoon: Clicker game

Game description: Millionaire to billionaire tycoon: Clicker game:

Millionaire to billionaire tycoon: Clicker game – tap the screen fast and earn money. Buy and sell goods, build constructions. Start from the very beginning and create a huge business empire in this simple and exciting Android game. For this you will need only fast fingers and wish. Tap the screen of your device and get coins. Develop trade, study new business technologies. Build profitable constructions and upgrade them. Hire managers with different abilities who will help you earn even more money.


Sloth evolution: Tap and evolve clicker game

Game description: Sloth evolution: Tap and evolve clicker game:

Sloth evolution: Tap and evolve clicker game – control sloth development. Tap the screen, match identical animals and get new kinds of them. Sloths, the characters of this merry Android game, are too slow. But they can reach incredible stages of development if you take their evolution in your hands. Find pairs of identical sloths on the screen and match them to open new creatures. Tap the screen to get coins, which you will need to unlock new forms of life. gather a collection of weird sloths!


Tap smiths

Game description: Tap smiths:

Tap smiths – tap the screen to make smiths hit hammers against anvil and produce legendary weapons, armor and other items the heroes require. In this Android game you are going to run your own forge. The most powerful hero will be helpless without excellent weapons and munitions. You must create various items to sell them in your shop. Supply the heroes will all they need to fight against evil powers. Get income and upgrade your workshop. Unblock new smiths having unique abilities and appearance.


Soccer clicker stadium builder

Game description: Soccer clicker stadium builder:

Soccer clicker stadium builder – tap the screen as fast as possible to build new stadiums fast in order to have soccer world championships. Become a successful constructor in this simple but exciting Android game. Construction of unique sports objects depends on speed of your fingers. Tap the screen and watch huge stadiums being built. Such stadiums can admit hundreds thousands of fans during football matches of the world championship. Upgrade stadiums, place cafes, food trucks with hot dogs and other objects near the stadiums.


Idle tycoon: Space company

Game description: Idle tycoon: Space company:

Idle tycoon: Space company – start your own space company. Build rockets, space ships and stations. Explore the universe and earn billions. Start a space expansion in this Android game. For this great mission you will require sharp mind, fast fingers and assistants. Just tap the screen to develop technologies, build rockets and explore the Solar system and the galaxy. Build bases in open space and on other planets. Hire astronauts, scientists and managers. Carry out trade, get resources and get profit.