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Kick the Boss

Game description: Kick the Boss:


Trollface quest: Sports puzzle

Game description: Trollface quest: Sports puzzle:

Trollface quest: Sports puzzle – guide a strange hero through a variety of funny levels, each with a fun mini-game. In this Android game you’ll need to unleash your imagination and logic. On each level you’ll have a new task usually associated with one of the sports. Interact with different objects on the screen to achieve the desired result. Be ready that you you may not know what result you need. Your sense of humor can help you cope with all the challenges.


School days

Game description: School days:

School days – try to graduate from the mad high school, go to different lessons, pass exams, have fun with your classmates, and fight enemies. In this game for Android you are a pupil, whose goal is to graduate from the school. It’s not as simple because your teachers are very bed at what they do and the exam tests are rather complex. Go to classes, explore corridors of the school, violate school discipline, fight your school enemies. Go out with different girls. Take a stroll around the city and find even more adventures.


Troll face clicker quest

Game description: Troll face clicker quest:

Troll face clicker quest – tap the screen as fast as possible to troll friends. Think up insane pranks and have fun. Become a famous troll in this merry Android game. Gather thousands of clicks to have a chance to play tricks on friends. Hire faithful assistants who will make the process of gathering clicks automatical. Select among many unique pranks and bring them to life. Accumulate anger and aplly its power to become the best troll. Laugh at angry friends and raise your madness level.


ForFun: Funny memes jokes GIFs and PICs

Game description: ForFun: Funny memes, jokes, GIFs and PICs:

ForFun: Funny memes, jokes, GIFs and PICs – new funny jokes, best gifs and memes for every day. Thousand of users add the best pranks here. This excellent Android application allows you to watch, put marks and share jokes with friends via social networks and messangers. Read funny jokes and interesting stories, watch photos of cute cats and other funny animals, laught at memes and demotivators, watch funny videos. Put marks and leave comments, read comments of other users.