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Tiny bubbles

Game description: Tiny bubbles:

Tiny bubbles – connect bubbles filling them with colorful air and removing obstacles. Rescue underwater creatures who got into traps. Apply your logic abilities to solve original puzzles on the levels of this Android game. Take into account force of surface tension and pressure when completing levels. Combine bubbles and make groups of them. Remember that the amount of available moves is limited, apply useful clues in hard situations. Unlock fantastic worlds and new levels.



Game description: Unbalance:

Unbalance – effect the balance of geometrical figures when throwing balls at them. Turn the figure around its axis to complete the level. The idea of this Android game is to free the red ball from the captivity of the complicated geometrical figure. Each figure is able to turn around its axis under the gravity effect. Throw ball in different parts of the figure to take it out of balance. The figure will turn and the red ball will roll on the figure sides. Try to take the red ball to the exit as fast as possible.



Game description: VVVVVV:

In the game VVVVVV you get to another dimension where absolutely other laws of physics work. Your task will be to bring together all missing of members of your team.


Beast brawlers

Game description: Beast brawlers:

Beast brawlers – control a fantastic beast and try to survive during dynamic battles on the arena against 3 opponents. Upgrade your beasts. You will take part in two minute battles against players from all over the world in this exciting Android game. Add different magic animals and birds to your collection including a bear, phoenix, dragon and many others. Each beast has unique fighting abilities and skills. Apply strong sides of your fighter and develop an efficient tactics which will help you win.


Fern flower

Game description: Fern flower:

Fern flower – help the hero get as high as possible along the steep hill of a mystic mountain and find a magic flower. Tap the screen to control jumps of the character. In this Android game you will go to find a fern flower. According to the legend this flower brings luck to those, who found it. The flower opens on the top of a mysterious mountain. Tap the left or the right side of the screen to direct each jump of the character. Hold the finger to make the hero jump higher. Avoid gaps so as the hero does not fall down. Gather small fireflies and unlock new characters.