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Game description: Aurora:

Aurora – take a girl across surrealistic worlds and help her find all lost kittens. Solve puzzles and remove obstacles from the way of the heroine. Aurora, the main heroine of this Android game, peacefully lived on her flying island until an unknown power kidnapped girl’s magic kittens and artifacts. Aurora starts her journey across incredible worlds to rescue her lost friends. Change camera modes, turn levels in any direction. Match 3 and more identical blocks to destroy them and clear the way for the girl.


Toca lab

Game description: Toca lab:


Short fused

Game description: Short fused:

Short fused – take an explosive character along twisted levels full of tricky enemies and different traps. Demonstrate excellent logic skills and reflexes in this dynamic Android game. You must hurry up and take the hero across every level as fast as possible. The burnt squib will not leave you much time to think. If you fail to complete the mission and find the exit to the next level, the character will explode. Besides, you will have to escape from sly monsters or defeat them.


?12 (Sigma12)

Game description: ?12 (Sigma12):



Game description: Pixelo:

Pixelo – color in tile on the screen to create a picture out of them in the end. Use your logic and imagination to solve puzzles in this game for Android. The grid on the screen can be from 5 by 5 to 20 by 20 tiles. Near each column and row there are numbers which indicate the number of tiles that have to be filled in this column or row. The colored groups of tiles need to be separated by at least one blank tile.