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Game description: Aurora:

Aurora – take a girl across surrealistic worlds and help her find all lost kittens. Solve puzzles and remove obstacles from the way of the heroine. Aurora, the main heroine of this Android game, peacefully lived on her flying island until an unknown power kidnapped girl’s magic kittens and artifacts. Aurora starts her journey across incredible worlds to rescue her lost friends. Change camera modes, turn levels in any direction. Match 3 and more identical blocks to destroy them and clear the way for the girl.


Spellfall: Puzzle adventure

Game description: Spellfall: Puzzle adventure:

Spellfall: Puzzle adventure – defeat the forces of evil with your mind and powerful magic. Match 3 or more magic tiles to use the spells. Get 3 fire tiles together and you can use fire spell. You use the water spell when you match 3 water tiles, and so on. The more tiles you match, the more damage you do to the enemy. The hero of this Android game needs to fight magical battles with various monsters. Buy weapons, clothes, and equipment for your hero to enhance their magical abilities.



Game description: Dreii:

Dreii – updated and expanded version of a popular puzzle game Drei that gives people an opportunity to communicate no matter where they live or language they talk. The basic idea of the game is the joint construction of a tower and holding elements of different shapes and sizes. You’ll get distracted by explosions, thunder, and other natural phenomena that appear at the most inopportune moments. Dreii has great translation service that works with many languages and helps people from different countries communicate.


Cut & Slice

Game description: Cut & Slice:


Oh! Cube

Game description: Oh! Cube: