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Spellfall: Puzzle adventure

Game description: Spellfall: Puzzle adventure:

Spellfall: Puzzle adventure – defeat the forces of evil with your mind and powerful magic. Match 3 or more magic tiles to use the spells. Get 3 fire tiles together and you can use fire spell. You use the water spell when you match 3 water tiles, and so on. The more tiles you match, the more damage you do to the enemy. The hero of this Android game needs to fight magical battles with various monsters. Buy weapons, clothes, and equipment for your hero to enhance their magical abilities.


Honey day blitz 2

Game description: Honey day blitz 2:

Honey day blitz 2 – with a funny be travel the magical land. Match 3 and more same flowers to make them disappear and get points. Help the bee to collect honey and release friends who got into trouble in this game for Android. Swap colorful flowers and form rows of the same color. They can be horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, because the tiles are in the form of honeycombs. If you match more than 3 flowers you’ll get a magical bonus that will help you in a difficult situation.


Maleficent: Free fall

Game description: Maleficent: Free fall:

Maleficent: Free fall – an official game according to the animated film of the same name about an angry magician who has bewitched Aurora, done in a genre three in a row.


Match Earth: Age of jewels

Game description: Match Earth: Age of jewels:

Match Earth: Age of jewels – travel across beautiful corners of the planet. Match gems making lines of 3 and more same colored stones. Decorate and upgrade the world of this Android game. Complete tasks on gathering gems in order to get prizes and unlock new locations. Gather a planet from the unblocked fragments. Apply your logic abilities and attentiveness to make maximum long combinations of gems. Apply useful power-ups which will let you complete the tasks faster.


Fruit link puzzle

Game description: Fruit link puzzle:

Fruit link puzzle – ?try to clear the screen from juicy fruit filling it. Connect pairs of same fruits to make them disappear. Use your logic and observation skills to complete colorful levels of this game for Android. To do the task you need to connect pairs of same fruit. The line connecting them can only bend at right angles. One line can’t bend more than twice. Tips and a variety of useful bonuses will help you complete tasks. Set new records.